European Jewelry is one of the most popular Gemstone Jewelers in Mount Prospect selling 100% natural gemstones. We have a wide variety of gemstones available in different colors. You can customize ruby rings or any gemstone jewelry. Sapphire, ruby, and emerald are the best-selling gemstones. Pick the gemstone of your choice and customize a stunning engagement ring.
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You can view each GIA certified Gemstone in a 40x superzoom thoroughly for examination.

Gemstone Engagement

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Gemstone engagement rings are classy, attractive, and trendy. Customize a gemstone ring that looks perfect for your partner. The color of the gemstone is the highlight of an engagement ring. You can choose different ring styles available in the metal of your choice.

The Gemstone Collection

The gemstone collection

Upgrade your jewelry collection by picking from our extravagant gemstone collection. Our gemstones are 100% natural and exhibit a radiant sparkle. For better clarity, view them in 40x superzoom. Each gemstone is graded by a Professional GIA Graduate Gemologist.

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