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Personalized, made-to-order, custom designed jewelry has been in our DNA since the first day we opened our doors. Let us help you design the jewelry piece of your dreams.

We are committed to creating designs that combine both art and science to produce pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. We blend our experience, technology and, most importantly, your vision to produce a stunning piece of jewelry. You are only bound by your imagination of what you would like the final piece to be. Breathe life into diamonds or gemstones you already own or let us help you pick the right diamond from our expansive supply. From there, we will work with you closely to create what we’re sure will become your favorite piece of jewelry. Your new customized piece will tell a story of its journey and how it came to life. Whether it’s a modern design weaving in minimalist touches or a vintage one that incorporates intricate details from your own personality, there are no limits.

Want to learn more? Make an appointment or call us and, under no obligation, we can further discuss the process of creating your customized piece. Any finalized custom jewelry you design with us is protected and will not be duplicated. Our mission is your 100% satisfaction. We look forward to creating your new work of art with you.