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White Modern Simulated Diamond Ring


18K White Gold over Sterling, Ring with Simulated Diamonds.

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Product Description

The Brand-Jewels of Desire

The name, DIZEO, comes from the Spanish root word “deseo” or desire. True to its intent, Dizeo fulfills every woman’s deepest desire to own a piece of jewelry with truly unparalleled craftsmanship and mesmerizing brilliance.

Our sterling silver jewelry is hand set by craftsmen with our brilliant Deso ideal cut simulated diamonds, which is guaranteed to captivate her attention. Combined with the unique color palette of white, rose or yellow over sterling silver, our unique metal work and lustrous shine enhances the beauty of each and every piece of jewelry. The golden metals are imbued with depth and texture when combined with the cool gleam of sterling silver.

With a global reach and four generations of manufacturing heritage and experience, Dizeo designs and crafts superior quality sterling silver jewelry which is both contemporary and traditional. A select jewelry piece with the Dizeo name will transcend generations, remaining timeless and classic, even as it sets trends and captures hearts. Dizeo is influenced strongly by international fashion and inimitable jewelry trends, creating our own one-of-a-kind, exclusive styling.


The Dizeo Difference

The cornerstone of Dizeo’s designs are our stunning Deso ideal cut simulated diamonds and gemstones, which perfectly match the vibrancy and brilliance of a natural flawless diamond. Their incomparable sparkle and coveted purity of color defines them as exalted treasures. Each stone is hand cut with extreme precision allowing optimal light reflection. Light enters the stone and is refracted though countless prisms and facets, creating a firework display of color and vivacity.

Only after each stone is perfectly calibrated and proportioned, will the stone be ready to be hand polished to perfection. The spark and shimmer of a Deso ideal cut simulated diamond is the cumulative result of light refraction and shining polish, which captures lightning in the bottle. Each flawless stone is painstakingly hand set individually within the piece of jewelry. Master skilled diamond setters use a very tedious and high precision technique called micro pavé. High power microscopes are used to assist in the proper placement of each stone, to allow for the maximum amount of light penetration and refraction. The specific angle and placement of each stone is paramount to the perfection of each piece.

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18K White Gold, Sterling Silver